Sen. Lindsey Graham: Trump Is Much More Likely to Be Re-Elected Now


Lindsey Graham talked about the pathway for Trump getting wider to be reelected in 2024. Here we go again. I lived through crossfire hurricane. I lived through the Mueller investigation. The fisa court rebuked the Department of Justice for providing false information to the court to obtain a warrant against Carter page. Is it plausible the same people would be going after Trump again? 90 days before the midterms. So the pathway for president Trump to become the nominee is much wider now than it was yesterday. The likelihood of him being relegated is greater than it was yesterday because if you got something that is really so compelling, you had to go into the man's home with guns, drawn to get the information, tell the American people to ever Republican listening to me. We should be clamoring and demanding answers to the questions of why they had to raid president Trump's home 90 days before an election. Yeah you know, of every crazy aspect of the raid. You know the one that I can't get out of my head, guns drawn. Mar-a-Lago is swarming with Secret Service agents. Mar-a-Lago has a Secret Service presence. With some of the most trained and sophisticated, you know, law enforcement personnel in the country. Why would the FBI need to have a guy with a machine gun at the gates of Mar-a-Lago?

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