Alex Jones Discusses Being Patient Zero of Cancellations


Alex, you were banned in one day, talk about this. Apple iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Google. It was simultaneous. There was collusion and it was you first and they went after all of us afterwards. How do you keep going? What's the lesson for the everyday American that gets canceled? Those Alex Jones first and they went after Donald Trump. It's Alex Jones first and they raid Mar-a-Lago. Like you said, your patient zero, what keeps you going, what's your advice for the everyday American? Well, it's actually the four year anniversary yesterday. It was August 8th, 2018. That I woke up at like 4 a.m. like I always do. And all my alerts were going off. My inbox was full, and it was Tim Cook met with the other heads of the other big 5 tech companies, Facebook, Google, Twitter, you name it. Apple, but she headed up and made the decision to ban Alex Jones, and then over a hundred other platforms from Uber eats to LinkedIn, Uber eats. Everything. They said that you no longer can order Uber eats, is that what they did? That's right. My name was put into the social credit score, database that they've already setting up. I was the test case, patient zero for the social credit score, putting us into that. And so I saw that happen and I told listeners I said, this is for you. This is a president setting case for everybody, and now they had met that. So now, with lawfare and rig courts and weaponized judiciary and weaponized law enforcement, now what's happening to me, they admit, they said in closing arguments last week at the state sandy hook trial, I get what the judge said I was already guilty. They said, we're going to silence him, we're going to take him out. These are quotes. We're going to take his megaphone and then we're going to take everybody else's megaphone. Anybody that questions us, the judge said, I am truth. You are not. What I say is truth, what you say is lies. Those are quotes right out of 1984. So they have devolved into what George rworld wrote about 1947.

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