Alex Jones Joins Charlie for a 'Controversial' Conversation


Joining us now is the most canceled man in America in his own words, Alex Jones, Alex. Welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Charlie absolutely. I mean, even mainline reporters interviewed Charlie Manson. Even I'm the worst person in the world. People should be able to talk to me, but the truth is they want to misrepresent what I've said and done, that's why they don't want me to ever actually be live on air. So big fan of what you do and God bless you is going to be here. Thank you, Alex. So let's talk about the sandy hook thing. Let's just start with that. I don't like what you said at the beginning. You've said now going back that it was a mistake and that you're not even allowed to correct it. They're trying to destroy your life in bankrupt you because of it. Floor is yours. Tell us the story from your perspective that the media is intentionally not covering. Well, if you go back ten years ago, the Internet question would happen there like that question, Jesse Smollett or so many other events. And I barely ever covered it like 20 something minutes they brought it to evidence. They tried to make me the sandy hook guy once Trump won. And so they just simply said, oh, he's a bully, he's stalking people. He's doing all this. None of that was true. They had Democrat judges in Austin and in Connecticut say that I was defaulted so I couldn't defend myself. I sat there while the judge said to the jury, he is guilty. You will find him guilty. So this is their new weaponization of the media. It's a very small part of what I recovered. I questioned every major event. I questioned you. I believe children died and you've all, but the head of the state police in Texas and the mayor of Yale do you say there's a cover up? They've been lied to. So they want to punish people that question things. They want to say, oh, he's not a populist leader. He's not a popular person with the people. No, he's the sandy hook man. And so they've used that like claiming Trump says all Mexicans are criminals. Well, Trump never said all Mexicans are criminals. He said some very good people come across the border. It's a very bad people we should screen them. So just like they tried to make Trump hates all Hispanics, fake news. It's the same thing here.

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