The Tragic Saga of Alex Jones


Jones back in many a couple of years ago. Spoke out about the sandy hook shooting. He said something quote, he said, no one died. The incident was staged. It was synthetic. It was manufactured. It was a giant hoax and completely fake with actors. He's totally wrong there. In fact, he's admitted he was wrong. Shouldn't have said it. It was not true. Somewhat despicable, quite honestly, and he shouldn't have said it. Okay, so he said that and in reaction to it, the sandy hook parents then started to allegedly to the court documents started to get harassed because of that. Series of lawsuits then were filed against Alex Jones saying that because of him their lives were totally ruined. This trial has been going on and on and on. Now remember, with Alex Jones, you're dealing with someone that specializes in bombast and bravado, shouldn't have said it. It was a mistake. He's admitted he was wrong, multiple times, but that will not satisfy the media, and that will not sought satisfy the nonstop pressure campaign against Alex Jones. So according to the judge and the Alex Jones case, anything you read in the press is hearsay and even reciting what you read as a means to convey how you made it feel is also hearsay. So let's play cut 22. How did you feel about that? Well, when I read the newspaper, there was a 20 $8 million ad buy. Don't say what you read. Just how many have you filmed? Things that you have read are also here today. Okay. Because you didn't save them. Somebody else centered right on writing is speech. Do not tell the jury anything that came from someone else that you've read or heard don't have to disregard that sentence. Go ahead. So that is the judge, her name is Maya Guerra gamble. This is the type of judge that Alex Jones was given. 23 up on stage. Hashtag stay at home. It could save lives with a blue hair bonnet on. Love is love with the transgender thing, and also don't stay at the top, vote for every Democrat. That's the type of judge Alex Jones got. Conflict of interest, you better believe it.

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