Would the FBI Really Plant Evidence? Julie Kelly Weighs In


Julie, let me ask you, you were talking about how the FBI has a track record of planting evidence. I have said gingrich has said in president Trump has said, I hope they weren't planting some stuff at Mar-a-Lago, and immediately we're all smeared as conspiracy theorists. Enlighten us about the FBI's track record on planting evidence. Well, we have to look no further, of course, in the infamous steel dossier, which was fake evidence planted not only throughout the media throughout Congress, but of course presented to a secret court, not once, but four times and presented by the FBI, signed off on by James Comey, and then Andrew mccabe. So what was interesting, Charlie, is that I've been covering the retrial of the remaining two defendants in a Whitmer fed napping case. And what came up yesterday in opening arguments by defense attorney was talking about how an FBI informant planted material for an explosive device in the truck of his client, the defendant, and then when he was arrested by the FBI, the FBI collected that and used it as evidence against him.

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