DeSantis Suspends Tampa Prosecutor Who Won't Criminalize Abortion


Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida continues to show us show other governors and us how it's done. His latest move to suspend the Tampa state attorney. The DA of Tampa, who was by the way a left winger, he's a soro sky, and but this guy joined with a bunch of other attorneys and prosecutors. Basically saying that despite the Supreme Court's decision in the Dobbs case, that states are now free to make laws about abortion in Florida has a law. By the way, Florida's law is hardly extreme. I believe it restricts abortion after 20 weeks. But nevertheless, it's far too much for this prosecutor, a guy named Andrew Warren, and he essentially signed a statement that says, he's not going to enforce it. In Tampa. And similarly, Florida has a transgender law, which is described by desantis really very bluntly desantis goes, you know, they use these euphemisms, but what they're literally doing is chopping off the private parts of young kids and that's wrong. Boom, talk about putting things bluntly. But anyway, Florida has a law that limits transgender surgery. You can't just go about doing this. And this guy, Andrew Warren goes, so I want to enforce that law either. So desantis looked at the Florida state constitution, where it says an article for section 7, the governor mesa spend from office any county officer for malfeasance, miss fees and neglect of duty drunkenness and competence, et cetera, and decided to listen. You state attorney don't have the right to make laws in Florida.

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