Israel Is Flourishing Despite Itself


It's hard to do business in Israel. And yet Israel has somehow against all odds and against bad policy exploded economically speaking. It is known as startup nation. It is the place on earth with the most startups per CAPiTA, Israel is a very small country. Territorially, it's tiny. It take you about 45 minutes to drive the width of the entire land of Israel in certain parts of Israel. Maybe less. In certain parts of Israel it's more like 20 minutes. The entire territory of the State of Israel is about half the size of New Jersey. You don't really understand the Israeli Arab conflict until you come here and you spend some time in Jerusalem. Everybody lives cheek by jowl. You can actually visibly see a Ramallah from Jerusalem. The parts of Jerusalem that you hear the left talk about dividing Jerusalem that is not possible. It's like taking your house and saying, during a divorce case, you just divide the house down the middle. You take this bathroom and I'll take this bedroom. It's not going to work. It's very, very foolish, but in spite of all of this, Israel has been able to achieve phenomenal economic success. Israel is burdened with a terrible bureaucratic system. It is dominated by public sector unions, Israel has a terrible judicial system in which the judiciary. You're about judicial activism in the United States. At least in the United States, there's a written constitution. There is no written constitution in Israel. So the Supreme Court of Israel basically just writes whatever it wants. And everybody is expected to comply. The Supreme Court in Israel actually even appointed its own successors. So imagine Ruth Bader Ginsburg appointing her own successor. That's essentially how it works. In the State of Israel, these folks were not answerable to the actual legislature of the State of Israel the Knesset. Despite all these problems, Israel has seen a lot of success.

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