Scott Perry Spokespersn Denies Any 'Overturning-the-Election' Talk


Perry's spokesman Jay ostrich said the congressman denied being part of any such discussion about Ways to overturn the election I suppose Let's see Perry was present during the December 21 meeting between members of their house Arch conservative freedom caucus they write and Trump the strategize about what Congress could do to block final certification of Biden's election They're perfectly free to do that That's not a crime and the Democrats do this all the time Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue Now this guy is a real louse In my opinion Told Senate Judiciary Committee stab Perry called him at Trump's behest on December 27th To discuss what turned out to be an Erin analysis circulating among Trump backers at the time that Pennsylvania certified vote count was higher than a number of voters who had actually cast about who cares So what And they go on Of course they cite That's a case here Cassidy hutcheson Who of course was found not to be all that of a reliable witness was she

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