Jesse Watters Calls Out Lindsey Graham


When Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine? Remember how angry Republicans were? Or how upset they were? How fired up they were when Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, Ukraine is not a state of the United States. Remember this, senator Lindsey Graham play cut 53. There is no off ramp in this war. Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose and I hope and pray and do everything in my power to make sure Ukraine wins and Putin is in charge of a state sponsor state sponsor of terrorism, that designation needs to be given to Russia. He's earned that designation. We need to pour it on when it comes to helping Ukraine. Jesse watters calls him out for this play cut 51. Why they had to raid president Trump's home 90 days before an election. Yeah, you know, and I love having you on Lindsay, you know, you and I have a debated about things. And I've seen you pretty spitting mad over Ukraine, but you don't seem as mad as you were about this. Then you've been mad about Ukraine. I don't understand why people aren't lighting their hair on fire. I don't understand why people are not in the streets. This isn't like, oh, well, you know, let's just see what's in the warrant. I mean, they've been doing this. This is the third election. This is a third election. We know they doctor evidence. We know they plant evidence. We know they hide evidence. We know they lie. We know they leak. I mean, this is not anything new. This has been, this has been years they've been doing this. We can't just say, oh, you know, we're waiting for the guy to come out and give a statement about what is predicated. I mean, what? These people are out of control, senator. This country is at like, we're on the edge of a cliff, man. I'm telling you, this country is at the edge of a cliff here. Lindsey Graham doesn't agree with that. He's just kind of like, his head is like, oh yeah, okay, okay. For him, it's all about the regime. It's not about the country, no, but if Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, oh man. It's all in.

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