The Real Housewives Brain Conundrum


Watched one episode of Real Housewives. Oh, you did. Oh, I try everything. I even did, what is it called? Naked and alone, making. Oh, I don't know that one. Naked and afraid. Dennis, which at which franchise, which I know. I think it was Orange County. Oh my gosh. It's what popped up. The only time I watch TV and it's very rare then is in a hotel room. I find television. I've always said that. I don't really watch TV. The exception. I'm not condemning people who do. I think it's great to have some silly time consumer. We need that. But the problem for me, at least naked and scared, is that right, Sean, make it make it in the freight. Make it an afraid is interesting. How do people put up with being unclothed in the Guatemalan jungle? I mean, it's at least interesting. But the dialog on Real Housewives. I think I rather, I know, no, I don't think. I'd rather just be in a silent room and let my brain entertain me. Right.

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