The Paradoxes of Young Women's Drug Use


It really is striking how much people I'm sorry to say. This bundle have sex with one another and call, I mean, they treat it like it's so meaningless. If it worked out, why are depression rates among young women, the highest ever recorded in American history? And what's fascinating about that? This is the puzzle that I set up for a lot of my friends. I go, we are the most not only the most privileged and advantaged generation in American history. We are the most privileged and advantaged generation in the history of the world. That's right. It's ever lived. We're also, we have unprecedented access to technology and capital where the wealthiest generation were the most and I know they love this one. We're the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in American history, we're the most educationally credentialed. And yet, we're the most medicated, were the most depressed. We seem to run towards things that deter social contact, like going on social media, drinking, using drugs. Masks. Masks. I mean, it's unbelievable. The paradox, by the way, one of the things and we talked about it before the show that I want to talk to you about is drug use. Specifically, weed. Another thing I really noticed in college, in addition to the hookup culture, is how weed has not taken the place of drinking, drinking is still very common, but it is really become heavily used alongside recreational drinking. You

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