Major test of first possible Lyme vaccine in 20 years begins


Researchers are looking for thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and Europe to test the first potential vaccine against Lyme disease in 20 years Lyme disease is a growing tick-borne threat Pfizer's anneliese Anderson tells the AP they're working on a vaccine to protect both adults and kids as young as 5 We call it beer a 15 Robert to willer is an avid hunter in hiker He was the first in line when the study opened in central Pennsylvania And if I find a tick on me I don't know okay I'm good I don't have to worry about anything Doctor Allen Kevin's at the Altoona arthritis and osteoporosis center in Pennsylvania is looking for volunteers who spend lots of time in tick infested areas Not a single day goes by that someone either has a concern about Lyme disease could possibly have Lyme disease We live in an area where Lyme disease is endemic The Pfizer study will cover two tick seasons I'm Ed Donahue

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