The Power of the Flotilla


Want to underscore that because right now the United States Navy has about 280 surface combatants at sea. This comes from page three 88 a victory at sea. The sheer size of the American naval armada surrounding Okinawa was a retelling of the story of the Pacific war, as 1200 landing vessels commenced their Easter Sunday, April 1 assault on the central beaches of Okinawa, they were screened by 200 destroyers 18 battleships and over 40 carriers. You know, that's bigger than the entire U.S. Navy today. It is doctor Kennedy. Yes. Now, the defenders of what's going on in our size and power of E today would say, well, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier of the GL four class of the retiring Nimitz class is so much more powerful than those carriers surrounding Okinawa in 1944. But we had so many more of them out there. And so one of the questions about present power is a possible vulnerability of the limited number of warships, including limited number of aircraft carriers, which we have across stress across the globe today for our commitments from the Houston Mediterranean through the Indian Ocean to the far Pacific. Not to mention, giving an eye enlisted children.

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