Are Republicans Trying to Help Cause a Blue Wave?


Dark Brandon strikes again. Yes. All right, I think he is also going to send an arrangement of penis flowers to Lindsey Graham for his national abortion baby, which blows everything Republican. Also, I think he should send some flowers to Rick Scott, who has basically said Republicans want to blow up social security and Medicare. Yes. The guy in charge of elected Republicans in the Senate, Rick Scott of Florida, proposed a plan. I wish I had enough copies to hand, but go online and look at it. I really mean this is serious because they're going to make it hard for you to believe. Proposed a plan requiring Congress to vote on the future of social reauthorization. And I want to remind you, you paid for your social security. Every single paycheck from the time you're a kid, you paid for it. So every 5 years, concrete gets to vote, change, cut, reducer, a limited entirety of social security. Also, we mentioned Ron Johnson, liberal helper. Here we go. Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. As my mother would say, God love him. He thinks 5 years is too long to wait. He wants to put the vote social security Medicare on the chopping block. Every single year. Let me remind you all again, you paid for social security. You paid for Medicare. It's taken out of every single one of your paychecks. These guys never give up. Well, guess what? We're not going to give up either. Okay. All right. Mark Brandon. Doc Brandon. Carlos, what's going on? Is there a think tank over there on how they can help Democrats with a blue suit? A national ban on abortion. Right. There used to be a little devil now. It's just like, no more. Take away the social security to it. Do it now. Wow. That's like a good idea. Yeah. Right. I feel like they're being the biggest liberal helpers ever. And it's magical. And they're just fighting amongst themselves, right? Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Roger Stone hates Wendy Graham and it's fantastic. Big mega rats fight fight fight. Equally awful, yes. Okay, we were talking about, oh, Trump just posted a meme with the queue was like right on his lapel. So QAnon's all going crazy, 'cause now they've gotten the official stamp of approval from captain crazy. Could I have my conspiracy music please? Oh, but Stephanie both parties are the same. I just wanted to say that. Oh, I'm sorry. What now? Both parties are the same. Are they exactly the same? Yeah, nothing to see here. Both according to this. Yeah, thank you. Okay, what is it that the queen is laying in state now? Her funeral is Monday. Yes, she's a Westminster. She is still dead. That remains. She's not a Trump's golf course. I got confused with the name. No, no. Westminster. She's really emotional. She will not be buried in any of Trump's golf courses. As far as we know. This has got some documents to hide. Right. Maybe he's stuffed him in her crown last time. So I don't know. Okay. I don't QAnon. I don't, okay. PolitiFact has dismissed a conspiracy theory that the royal family are part of a line of reptiles. From the constellation Draco, and that they have reptilian blood. That's the one dog junior just killed in that tweet or photo. I saw him sitting on top of one. I thought that was Kimberly Guilfoyle. Okay. No. Yeah, that is a mouth. That's Kimberly Guilfoyle black. That's what she's coming out for the general sex or orals? That's her way of saying the best is yet to come. I guess. Does anyone down junior is more man than I give him credit for? Because if he could take that oncoming and okay. So Don Junior would be the best that is yet to come. Yeah. I just think I'm gonna burn. You said that out loud. Okay, I'm sorry. I need to debunk the latest QAnon Queen Elizabeth. Okay, PolitiFact has had to debunk Queen Elizabeth did not die before September 8th and her death was part of a dark conspiracy involving pedophilia or child trafficking something. Prince was not sacrificed in 2016 when he died on the queen's 90th birthday that year and that he had been put to death as a birthday gift. Like prince, as in. Yes, for instance. As in. Let's go crazy. Right. Yes, was not like Prince Andrew. Look to death as a birthday gift to Queen Elizabeth on her 90th birthday. Why? Why? I want him killed. He's not, he's just named princess. He's not in the royal prince. He's not real. He's not in the line of secession. You've killed the wrong prince. This is the only purple rain. That's not who I meant. I meant OJ, perhaps I've said too much. But his name is prince. And he is fine. Yeah, I don't. Okay. Queen Elizabeth also did not die from the COVID vaccine. Nope. And she was not shot and killed in Detroit. Wait, what? That was Detroit? I'm going to. I won't be needing security. She was going to Paisley park to see prince. That's when Minneapolis. That's in Minneapolis. It's not Detroit. He's on her way. My ticket to Detroit. Now I'm in the wrong area. I have connection. You have to do a layover. Prince is grave, who was killed at for my birthday. Now I've been Detroit. Who booked me to Motown? She missed her connection. Oh, I've been shot. I'm going to see if they have a pedophilia pizza parlor Detroit. I don't help me help mummy. What, why? Do people I don't know. We've always conspiracy theorists, but this is the problem. The former president of the United States just basically put his stamp of approval on this whole crazy cult. Well, yeah, he's just digging the scoop deeper into the tide pool to see what else will creatures lie beneath. Like, well, I can't get enough of the crazy crazy. See, I gotta get a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. He's just digging for anybody that can be upright and punch a hole or push a button on a voting machine. Okay. Let's go back to earth one for a moment where President Biden talking about getting real stuff done. With this law, the American people want and special interest loss. Folks, we're going to lower prescription drug costs. Lower health insurance costs. Lower energy costs for millions of families. I want to take the most aggressive action ever ever, ever to confront the climate crisis and increase our energies security. Ever in the whole world. And that's not hyperbole. That's a fact. We're going to build a future, the future. Here in the United States of America, with American workers with American companies with American made products. And after years of some of the biggest corporations in the United States paying zero in federal income tax, they'll now have to begin to literally pay their fair share today offers proof that the sole America's vibrant, the future America's bright and the promise of America is real. Thank you, dark Ryan. Okay. Yes. Okay. The oath keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, the guy with only one good eye. What could I?

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