Doug Welcomes Jim Serger, Author of '9:11 A Time to Always Remember'


Jim sarker's with us. And he has written a book on 9 11. And I'm excited to have him with us to share about that book, but also share just a lot of what's going on around this because I know there's a special emphasis for this book as well and we want to get to that. So Jim, welcome to the Doug Collins podcast. Yes, sir, Doug, thank you for having me on today. I really, really, really appreciate it. I really understand we're coming to that special time and I say special time and I mean that in a solemn way. I mean in a positive way, but also in not a way of flippantly saying that. I think we look at it in many ways, what happened on that date changed a generation in many ways. And it changed not only a generation of my age because I was at that point. You know, in my 30s, you know, generations, you know, and you've gotten to know my producer. He was in, you know, before age ten, you know, my kids, my wife, your family's as well. Talk to us about your new book. Tell us what, you know, emphasize from it and, you know, who it's helping and then we'll just get into some specifics about it. Absolutely, sir. So the time is 9 11. So we see 9 11 at 9 11 a.m.. We see the time again at 9 11 p.m.. So for about four or 5 years leading up to me manufacturing or coming up with this concept, I kept seeing the time 9 11. So when I was an operations manager at the Indianapolis airport, I was searching an aircraft and when you're at an airport, you always want to know what time it is. For some reason, you have to know what time it is. And it seemed like in the morning when I was doing it, I would look, it would be 9 11. And then when I worked the late shift at night, two times a week, I would look in to be 9 11 p.m.. And I kept saying to my wife, there's got to be a rhyme or reason because when I see the time 9 11, I automatically think of that day of where I was and what we went through as a country in 2001. So about a year ago, I was watching a documentary on World War II, very compelling, very heartfelt, very powerful. And as soon as it was over, it was 9 11 p.m. and I looked at my wife, I say it's 9 11, and she said, Jimmy, you better get started on that book.

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