The Left Will Never Stop Harassing Conservatives


He was a Nazi. He was Hitler. He was Satan. He was a dictator. He was a racist. He was corrupt. He was a tool of the wealthy. The newspapers hated him. The entire comedy industry devoted itself to the singular task of mocking and discrediting him. His name, Richard Nixon. And Ronald Reagan, and George Bush, and George Bush again, and Donald Trump. And whoever comes after Trump. For almost as long as anyone can remember, leftists have reserved the right to dispense with reason and critiquing their political opponents. Relying instead on biased personal insults. This is always true for whoever carries the banner of leader of the Republican Party. Especially if that leader is also president. Sometimes these attacks work as they did during the administrations of Nixon and both bushes. And sometimes they become epic self owns. As was the case for Reagan and Trump, whose legacies of peace and prosperity seem now like some forgotten golden age of legend. It doesn't matter when this tactic fails. Just like it never matters when leftists fail at anything. In a matter of decades in the 20th century, they can spill more blood in the name of communism than the entire history of religious wars combined. And yet still criticize all religions for being divisive.

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