A highlight from U Have Exceeded D Limit - Part II


We thank you for this day. We thank you for being able to come and submission to you and your words and to be able to spread the gospel at the world. We thank you for this platform. We thank you for the Internet. We thank you for the opportunity that you have given. Each and every one of us to be able to worship you as we begin our show today, we pray that your presence is always with us. That we continue to keep our hearts open and open up the heart. Of the confusion and the loss. And they respond to your presence through us and to your word as it is proclaimed. It is our prayers that this show would glorify you father. And that we can take the message of a day today and that the audience can take the message of the day and apply to their lives. May those around us in this pocket be able to see you and your working through us. We actually spread the name of the father in the name of the son in the name of the Holy Spirit. Oh, it goes too pretty. And. Afternoon listening audience this is the podcast for officer 26 22 a little bit behind the title of this show. I mean, I was the 29th of 22 in the title of this show is exceeding the limit part too. And we're gonna continue album. Very, very important conversation on. What is exceeding the limit? Where? Receding the limit is just as it sounds. You have gone too far. You know, when I remember when I was in school and we had to take field trips, we had to go places, anything. That was not because out of the ordinary reading writing arithmetic. They were sending a letter home to your parents to your guardian, and they would say, yes, you can go and know you can go with that signature. You know, we, that's how we know we have exceeded the limit. Now, we are the federal government. It's allocating funds to states for the drag queens story hour. I know we've talked about it before. But we must continue to talk about what we talk about often here managed to talk about each time talking about the same thing, but trust me, the devil is going to be the devil. Me and my kids said that. From every he's going to use the same tricks. So you might as well get ready. You talk about things over and over again because you know it's almost like our children, they learn about their gender. We as adults have to go back to ABC. You know, a man can't be a woman, a woman can't be a man. A boy can't be a girl, a girl can't be a boy. No. You act just like you don't understand this. And so the federal government is allocating money. To states for drag, queen, story out. And the reason why I use that story as an example about permission because I remember you had that, anything outside of this regular rewrite mister chick social status, you had to get a parent's permission. Now, you don't even have to get a parent permission now. They have decided that they are gonna go behind your back and tell your children. Don't tell your parents. But this is what we are doing. You know, this is not wrong. When you think your child won't come home and tell you, but see, when you send your child to school, best day parent at school. They teaching them that. You know, because this is an adult, they are an authority position. These homosexuals understand this stuff. When a child's gonna automatically think, well, I'm not gonna tell my parents because this is an adult. And they wouldn't do me wrong. That's just for they played and children are the most vulnerable in the most defenseless people that we have. You know, people think a child, I remember when I would come up, I used to try to talk to a dust, and he took that girl, go head on. You just a child, you don't know what's going on. Well, that child one day gonna grow up and be an adult. See a child is just a Mini-Me of you. Your son, your son is just a man and me of his father. And mother. But we want to say father because he is son. Your daughter is just a Mini-Me of the mother. We understand that chromosomes, but you know what I'm trying to say. One day they are going to grow up. And that's automatic. And we got the school system. I hear him on TV now talking about, I heard a white man over on MSNBC. He said, that's not right for parents to indoctrinate they children into their missing what they are talking about. He called an appearance. They laid down had his child now. He ain't got nothing to do with nothing. He think he a woman. You don't even know that he a man. He's sitting around on TV talking about we don't have a right to want a man and me. We don't have a right to teach our children, the things that work for us. And the things that didn't work for us, we want to teach them that also. We want to teach them that look. That's not a good path. That's what parents are for. The book of deuteronomy talks about a parent being responsible. Now, you can sit around all you want to. You can sit around all you want to, and not do your job. But guess what? When you close your eyes, you gonna be here accountable for what your child is. Now when your child gets grown, usually responsible. The only thing you can do then is pray that everything that you talk that child is gonna, just like I said in the prayer, a plaid in their lives. You just pray that they apply in their lives, the God that you steal the number when they was coming up. You want that. You can't protect children forever. But as long as a child is under you, and in your house, that's your job to protect them. Don't let nobody tell you you're in a different. You don't know when it's time for your child to

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