Naomi Wolf Exposes the 'Great, Great Evil' of the Media


So Naomi, you're saying things that are difficult to comprehend. But let's just continue to go through it. You use the word aside. Can you say that the BBC and NPR and all of these others whom we would ordinarily trust on the basics, you know? On the basics, they reported, they reported that the queen died and we don't say, well, they always lie. We just assume that that's their job is to report. But they have ceased to do that. And now we find out you find out that they were paid, but paid by whom. Well, people and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directly in many, many cases. But also with the cares act, that was a $1 billion of our taxpayer money and millions of it went to buying up what were called trusted messengers, community groups, small news outlets, local synagogues, and churches, and I've got a filmmaker working on the Jehovah's Witnesses. Being influenced in this direction as well, buying up little arts organizations. All the way down to the most local level to speak with a unified voice to exclude people who challenged the narrative that everyone had to be vaccinated. So a great deal of money has gone into basically buying up our civil society institutions and our media to suppress this information. And lastly, big tech is invested in these outcomes and the bodies of others explains exactly how and an America first legal foia and also subsequent lawsuit by the attorney general of Missouri and the attorney general of Louisiana showed as I mentioned that CDC and The White House were colluding directly with Twitter and Facebook to silence critics like me who were saying truthful things.

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