Nevada Democrats Worry Latino Voters Will Stay at Home


News for you guys, a numbers are looking very good for Republicans there as we move forward and begin our 2022 midterm election coverage. Nevada Democrats are terrified. They're talking about a worst case scenario where Latino voters are threatening to stay home. And one of the reasons why is the Democrat parties done nothing for that demographic. Melissa Morales as president of a local Hispanic PAC, she says it's what's keeping me up at night. What I'm looking at is do Latinos actually turn out to vote this year. And the question is if they turn out in big numbers, they will vote Democrat, but if they don't, it could give Republicans big wins. I would contend that a lot of Latino voters are looking at what's happening at that border. They see that hundreds of thousands of illegals are just pouring into the neighborhoods and taking jobs away. Filling the classrooms. I mean, how much money is having to be spent, and many of these border towns on just English teachers teaching kids how to speak English. These are teachers that could be doing other things in the classroom. All at taxpayer expense. All right, so anyway, great job, keep it up in Nevada. And I'm

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