Tom Cotton Rips Apart Ranked-Choice Voting Following Sarah Palin Loss


Rank choice voting very complicated that took place in Alaska is what defeated Sarah Palin The Democrat Palin was a Republican and the number three person was a Republican So under the rank choice voting the Republican votes were split and the Democrat won Because they wanted a Republican to hold that seat So rather than have a Republican primary where you duke it out in a Democrat primary where you duke it out they have this convoluted system born in California so the Democrats never lose office Pushed by Lisa Murkowski in Alaska so are rhino She hopes can never lose her slot And she costs the Republicans a seat in the house And a number of Republicans are decrying this Tom cotton ranked choice voting is a scam to rig elections 60% of alaskans voted for a Republican but thanks to a convoluted process in ballot exhaustion which disenfranchises voters at Democrat one He's right Under the rules of rank choice voting voters list ballots in order preference election officials first choice preferences a candidate is deemed the person who a winner is deemed a person who garners more than 50% of the vote But if nobody does then they start well this one counts We had those votes This was their second choice and we had those votes And so what happens The Republican votes are split in the Democrat one

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