Kash Patel: Christopher Wray Only Cares About His Ego & Job


But people call me especially over the last few weeks and a couple of them been saying well you're being really hard on the FBI and let me tell you something They were bullied into this by the DoJ cash That is total crap If Christopher wray had any cojones at all the FBI director When this ridiculous request the service search warrant came down to Mar-a-Lago he would have done what sadly you all had to deal with for even for dumb reasons and your administration He should have said I'm resigning I'm not doing this There's no precedent for this This is a legitimate threat to the republic going forward And yet nobody's threatened to resign at all I don't buy that stuff at all What do you make of that I don't either Christopher wray is the mark milley of the federal law enforcement industry in the United States of America He's in it to keep his job period This is the same man that's all Devin Nunes and I in the world that if you release the Nunes memo the cast memo that I like to call But if you put that thing out there people are going to die Sources are going to be killed Relations are going to be destroyed What happened 6 years later not one person's dead 17 FBI agents were fired including Comey strock mccabe page and all the other ones that are attacking me attacking me mercilessly in recent media reporting It is a step to cover up their corruption then and this guy is covering up their corruption now Just look at the whistleblowers that are coming in The agents that are quote unquote resigning under the shadow of darkness and happier are outside at night These guys have intentionally doctored documents before they're doing it again It all happens on Christopher raised watch If you wanted to fix the FBI he'd grab all those documents walk down a chuck grassley's office and say here is every single document exposing the corruption that happened under my FBI That is what a responsible director should do who cares about America But this guy cares about his ego and his job So it won't happen Yeah he

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