Bob Cesca on Republican Support for the Theft of National Secrets


Couldn't wait to get you on today because of course Edward Snowden thing. I was just like, oh my God. Bob says, I tried to tell you how long you just said, right? Matt Gaetz said Joe Biden should pardon Snowden, and you said Republican support the theft and exposure of national security secrets. Period. Yeah. How long ago did we say this? Snowden is a traitor. 9 years. It's been 9 years. It'll be ten years coming up this coming up summer in June, I believe it is. When the first story Glenn greenwald dropped happened. And so this is not surprising to those of us who were following the story closely with a critical eye back in 2013 when especially and I wrote a piece about this back in 2013 about how as soon as Edward Snowden was shepherded from Hong Kong where he had a birthday party, a birthday pizza party at the Russian consulate, he was taken by WikiLeaks attorneys. Hi. See, all these names are so appropriate now. Have a new patina of weirdness about them after the last 5, 6 years. Yeah. And so he separated by WikiLeaks attorneys to Moscow, where, while camping out in the Moscow airport, he hires Russian attorney Anatolia. I think that's how you pronounce his last name. And anatoly kuchar Rena is a, or was a lawyer for the FSB for the Russian FSB. And those of us who have been falling from Russia all along what the very least watching the Rachel maddow show. We all know what the FSB is. The FSB is the modern day version of the KGB. Yeah. And one of their attorneys is the attorney who represented Edward Snowden in Moscow in 2013 when he was there in the airport. So this is no surprise to any of us that he is being offered Russian citizenship by Vladimir

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