What's Going on With the FBI?


There's something that the FBI is up to. Something that the FBI is up to, and there's some dirt that the FBI has been doing for quite some time, and that's why I say screw the FBI. I didn't commit suicide on the way home. I want you guys to know that right off the bat. But the FBI isn't the institution that we thought it was, at least it isn't any longer. Unfortunately, the FBI was a law enforcement. They were a law enforcement agency, primarily, and then they switched over to counter intelligence as a result of 9 11 or subsequent to 9 11, and the Patriot Act, and this has really messed things up. Big time. Big time. And so now I no longer am a fan of the FBI and you know what? One of the people that I must admit I really love listening to really good on this is Dan bongino when I have an opportunity to listen to him because he talks about it from a law enforcement perspective. I'm talking about it from a born again saved. All right, but former former little wannabe thug. I can talk to you about it from a former criminals perspective. You want everybody to respect law enforcement. You want law enforcement to respect the law enforcement and the rule of law. You want criminals to understand that there are limitations or there are consequences to the actions everyone needs to respect law enforcement. But those that are given the sword of justice, if you will, need to be, especially moral. Good, decent people.

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