Ashley Peterson: An NFL Wife, Model, & Entrepreneur PT2 - burst 01

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Yes. So actually, so he proposed on the fourth and we were going to be there for like a few days because my dad's birthday is actually almost 6 of July. So we were there and I don't remember how long we stayed, but he proposed on the 4th of July. We did our whole family thing on the 4th of July. We were there for probably a few days. And then we went back to Houston where we were living and the season was about to start. And so I was like, okay, well, I'm not going into another football season unmarried, so we're choosing a date before training camp starts. This is not your typical sports show. It's real, it's wrong. There's a positive pop. You are now Robin with the ball phase. I was definitely more of a print model because I'm only like, I'm right at 5 8. So I wasn't super tall to do a lot of runway. I did do the wrong way. I love runway, but I was no Chanel mon. You know? So I did a lot of print work, though. I did like a lot of commercial work. I

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