Including a selfproclaimed cousin of malcolm x and a leader of the black panthers


This would have an impact on their stardom today will begin by exploring gene seeberg relatively brief but extremely intense period as a key contact and donor for black radicals in los angeles including a selfproclaimed cousin of malcolm x and a leader of the black panthers the radical organization which rose to national prominence in the mid to late 1860s we'll be talking about the black panthers a bit over the course of the next couple of episodes and if you wanna know more about them there are plenty of resources including a recent documentary by stanley nelson call the black panthers vanguard of the revolution another documentary that i would absolutely recommend and one that may be the most in tune with the way jane fonda and gene seeberg would have perceived the panthers his is black panthers a twenty eight minute film directed by an yes varda in 1968 varda who was friends with jane fonda and russia of a deem and had come to california with her husband filmmakers shocked shocked me documents the panthers presence in oakland california and the nonviolent protests against the imprisonment of panthers leader huey newton the panthers explained to florida on oncamera their 10point program which amongst other things demanded reasonable access to jobs and housing for black people and an end to police brutality the panthers had begun as a watchdog group consisting of black man with legally openly carried guns who stood by while cops mostly white cops.

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