The way i'm thinking about is this the real draw with as you're an amazon your aws


And the way i'm thinking about is this the real draw with as you're an amazon your aws is that they have a lot of these differentiating features and applications you know sas type offerings if your abstracting away from that in your using the new titanic software you know they're talking about applications are wrapped in digital containers and then deployed on prime using utanics hardware or one of their partner ecosystem otms as well as google cloud using cooper netties in the public environment but then you don't really care with the specific features and things are in the public led you just want cheap a deep because that that detainees blair's often abstraction so i think gugel makes sense at that point another point worth reflecting on the here though that is you remember the vmware announcer with the talked about if the m were services running on aws and they talked about how they were doing that integration and it wasn't maybe you know better but it wasn't clear to me that vmware had partnered with aws to deliver the service not deeply any way it was more like but will consider a question came up a what happens when the api changes and all that stuff you get advance notice and they were like well no but it'll be fine it was kind of the answer and got at that time so i'm wondering if a partner of a true partnership here that's announced between the tennis angle cloud means that it is a deep and mutual relationship not just new tannock's figuring out google cloudy p eyes and than making it easy for their customers to leverage them but actually there's incentive there may be financial incentive where.

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