Good i had one actress in mind


Good i had one actress in mind for the role of the american girl an avid admire of auto preman jer good die was aware of seabirds performances in saint joan and bone church recess good dr had raided the latter as the third best film of the previous year in ka and he knew that seeberg was accessible good dr had met francoism roy and he had eagerly agreed to set up a meeting between the novice filmmaker and his wife gene was not exactly immediately impressed by gudar she was suspicious of his two shovelled look anchored by the dark glasses that would become his signature and she was unnerved by his refusal to look her in the eye when they were talking but she liked one of his short films and when good dr told her he saw the character of patricia as cecile from bones retraced recess aged by three years she was intrigued colombia wasn't offering her anything better so she agreed to have her husband go to hollywood to talk to the studio about lending her to go dr apparently francois told harry cohn that seeberg would quit the movie business altogether if they barred her from working with good dart and apparently despite the fact that her to american movies had flopped colombia thought highly enough of seabirds prospects of this convinced them to let her make good dart's movie breathless breathless with the story of a charismatic criminal on the run played as a hip claus i humphrey bogart almajd by john paul belmondo and the girl who could be his accomplice his saving grace or his destruction it was inspired by american crime movies but formally it broke all the rules wear the hollywood i tours primarily shot on studio sound stages and backlots using massive fixed cameras and sophisticated and complicated lighting setup designed to give the audience settled queues about how to read the action and the characters good dr shot on the streets and real interiors of paris with a handheld camera and available lights.

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