Jane's film footage simply vanished


A trader a motion got the better of her and she exploded into our rant about the history of vietnam journalist david halberstam's commentary was typical of members of the media who believe that they were being lectured by a dilettante she wasn't that smart halberstam said later and she was in worry over her head i've been in phnom fonda is in a politician she's a movie star a stupid fucking actress after this press conference jane's film footage simply vanished she never knew how or why over the next few weeks white house spokesman and finally nixon himself denied jane's claims of what she had seen at the dikes sites and said that any evidence of the u s had done anything wrong in relation to the dikes was north vietnamese propaganda david halberstam was probably not alone in dismissing jane fonda as a stupid actress but others gave her more credit by branding her as a traitor and a threat to national security rightwing columnists and congressman began denouncing her on the regular some calling for a boycott of her film and it was not just supporters of the war who turned against jane the antiwar movement did too because james actions and statements were perceived to have been not antiwar at all but instead in support of north vietnamese warmongers as a conscientious objector from santa monica put it in a letter to the la times quotes miss fonda finds at sensationally appropriate to openly support the north vietnamese and their acts of human destruction while posing to be quote unquote antiwar at the same time.

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