Stephen Moore and Chris Stigall on the 'R' Word: Recession


I am pleased to be joined by our friend Steve Moore. He is a freedom works economic official. He is a former Trump White House economics official. I lean on him in Philadelphia every single week as our own economic official. Steve-O, I wish every time we talk, it seems to be degrees worse. I would love to have better news for folks today. The Dow closes 8 75 down. I've got this story. I don't even know what it means. You're smarter than me, a U.S. two year treasury yields rose above ten year borrowing costs. The so called curve inversion that Harold's economic recession, I'm hearing a lot about the R word now, Steve-O. What do you say about it? Well, I mean, unfortunately, I think we're really headed that way. And I wish I had good news for you, Chris. But I really, I really don't. I mean, you know, you've seen a 900 point reduction in the Dow Jones today. We're now at about 11 trillion 11 $1 trillion of wealth losses over the last three months under Biden. It's all a result of his war on American energy, his massive government spending plans in his war on American business, frankly. It's a progressive socialist agenda that is killing our economy. If anything good has come out of this and it's hard to see anything good come out of this. It's hopefully Americans are awakened. I won't use the word woke or awakened to the negative effects of when you let the government and the politicians make the decisions for the economy.

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