The first cruise ship in two years sails into Sydney harbour


The the the the first first first first cruise cruise cruise cruise ship ship ship ship to to to to dock dock dock dock in in in in Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney Australia Australia Australia Australia in in in in two two two two years years years years sailed sailed sailed sailed into into into into the the the the city's city's city's city's harbor harbor harbor harbor uhhuh uhhuh uhhuh explore explore explore all all all by by by piano piano piano Australia Australia Australia arrive arrive arrive carrying carrying carrying just just just crew crew crew it it it could could could welcome welcome welcome close close close to to to two two two thousand thousand thousand passengers passengers passengers and and and is is is operated operated operated by by by nine nine nine hundred hundred hundred twenty twenty twenty four four four staff staff staff members members members at at at full full full capacity capacity capacity there there there were were were plenty plenty plenty of of of potential potential potential passengers passengers passengers like like like Cory Cory Cory Martin Martin Martin at at at the the the harbor harbor harbor I've I've I've grown grown grown up up up with with with cruising cruising cruising not not not really really really love love love them them them it's it's it's actually actually actually great great great to to to have have have him him him back back back and and and I'm I'm I'm extremely extremely extremely keen keen keen to to to get get get on on on them them them again again again so so so today today today is is is really really really just just just a a a day day day of of of celebrating celebrating celebrating cruise cruise cruise ships ships ships have have have not not not been been been allowed allowed allowed to to to dock dock dock in in in Australia Australia Australia since since since thirty thirty thirty passengers passengers passengers died died died on on on the the the ruby ruby ruby princess princess princess two two two years years years ago ago ago at at at the the the start start start of of of the the the corona corona corona virus virus virus pandemic pandemic pandemic travel travel travel agent agent agent Dianne Dianne Dianne Martin Martin Martin is is is ready ready ready to to to get get get to to to work work work the the the last last last two two two years years years I I I have have have been been been doing doing doing refunds refunds refunds and and and cancellations cancellations cancellations and and and all all all those those those sort sort sort of of of things things things so so so it it it is is is just just just so so so nice nice nice they they they have have have to to to be be be talking talking talking about about about creating creating creating a a a strikeout strikeout strikeout the the the Pacific Pacific Pacific explores explores explores first first first cruise cruise cruise is is is scheduled scheduled scheduled for for for may may may thirty thirty thirty first first first I I I bet bet bet Donahue Donahue Donahue

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