Caller: Let's Vote For the Worst Mayor


The left is trying to take control of everything. I mean, I don't know which city is worse Chicago or Oakland. I mean, we can have a vote for who is the worst mayor of Mary Lori Lightfoot's or mayor Lyndon breed. I mean, all these mayors are just ruining this country from gun control to homicide. I mean, I understand that you have all these shooting and what happened. I'm not trying to downplay it or anything like that. And in fact, I should go to prison or death penalty for the rest of his life. But how are we downplaying the 60 plus shootings in Chicago and the 18 people murdered in Chicago? How are we downplaying the more than 15 people murdered over the holiday weekend in Oakland? And all the black on black crime in the shooting that's happening. But hang on, but let me ask you something. Omar, let me ask you a question though. You're right there in the belly of the beast there. You're dealing with it. Let me ask you something. Don't you feel like the recall you got a huge recall effort in these big cities of these Soros funded prosecutors, they're being fired, gascon, all these prosecutors are facing a huge pushback. Don't you feel at least to some extent that the tide is turning? The tide is turning, but at the same time the tide is not turning. When you go outside of when you go outside and walk outside of your house, you see crime everywhere.

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