Judge set to hear challenge of Mississippi abortion law


Here in friendship heights At 8 40 Mississippi's loan abortion clinic is set to close its doors at the close of business today tomorrow a new state law that bans nearly all abortions in Mississippi goes into effect Yesterday a judge rejected a request by that abortion clinic to temporarily block that law and allow it to remain open while legal challenges against the law play out Mississippi legislators passed the trigger law before the Supreme Court recently overturned the roe versus wade decision Last hour we took a closer look at the candidates for the democratic nomination from Montgomery county executive with primary day in the state coming July 19th this time John takes a look at the other candidates My platform is really pretty simple Number one I want to concentrate on public safety That's Republican reared in Sullivan who's the chairman of the county's Republican central committee and the owner of an engineering consulting firm He's up against lawyer Shelley skolnick for the GOP nomination I characterize myself as a moderate Republican Years ago I was a moderate Democrat Both spoke at a forum hosted by the Montgomery county black collective The Green Party's Devon badly is a candidate for the general election only The former motorcycle racer and dealer says he wants to fight fraud waste and abuse by

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