Aide: Trump dismissed Jan. 6 threats, wanted to join crowd


In explosive testimony to the House panel investigating the capitol riot a key Trump White House aide has described Donald Trump's outbursts over January 6th itself and his failing bid to claim election fraud Cassidy Hutchinson was at the ellipse when the president was set to address backers whom he had been told were armed He didn't care ordering the Secret Service to remove metal detectors and quote let my people in They're not here to hurt me Take that I think mags away After the speech the president wanted to go to the capitol when lead Secret Service agent Robert engel refused Hutchinson says a White House official told her the president lunged for his limo steering wheel angle grabbed his arm Mister Trump then used his free hand to lunge towards Bobby engel A month earlier Hutchinson says a White House valet took her into a dining room There is catch up dripping down the wall Attorney general Bill Barr had told the AP he'd seen no evidence of voter fraud that could have changed the election's outcome The president had just seen the article And had thrown his lunch against the wall Sagar Meghani Washington

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