Does the Biden DOJ Prioritize Illegals Over US Citizens?


Does the Biden administration and the Biden DoJ really think that illegals are first class citizens and ordinary Americans are second class citizens? In other words, does the Biden DoJ give preference or priority to illegals over ordinary American citizens? It would seem so. And I say it would seem so we see this at multiple levels, but I want to talk about a case that I didn't know a whole lot about. I think I saw something about it. There was a plot to have a mass shooting on July 4th. That was foiled in Richmond, Virginia. Now it turns out there were two guys who apparently were talking about doing this mass shooting. They were actually talking to each other, but a third guy an ordinary American heard them. He heard them talking about this to quote shoot up the Richmond annual 4th of July celebration. And so he called the police and the police were able to identify the man who was who said this and they raided his residence and they found two rifles, a handgun, 200 plus rounds of ammunition. And they also discovered that the guy, his name was Julio Alvaro dubon, is a Guatemalan citizen. He's an illegal, illegally in the United States. So he is an alien in possession of a firearm, essentially plotting a 4th of July shooting. It turns out he has a kind of a co-conspirator, another guy, Roman. Who was also arrested. The two of them were planning to do it together, the vote from Guatemala. And so they go before a judge and think of the seriousness of this. You've got criminal aliens in possession of firearms plotting a 4th of July mass shooting. Think of the carnage that they had in mind. By the way, it also turns out that one of them had been deported twice, deported twice, but again, with the Biden open border policies, strolls right back, and so you got these two guatemalans trying to inflict damage on Americans and they go before a court. And the judge, the general district judge. And grant's $15,000 a bail. $15,000 bond. So let's pause here. I mean, you have January 6th defendants who are who don't get bail

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