Junior Legends of Their Era: Philip Francis and Rickie Fowler

Fore The People


You know who else was there was that was like an elite junior player Philip Francis. I remember seeing him thinking like this guy is national junior golf scoreboard numero uno and then Ricky, it was just like those two guys were Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson out there. They were. I remember stepping on the first T playing Ricky. I was dude. That's probably one of the most nervous first tea tea shots I've ever hit. And I step up on the T and I look around and there's probably 50 college coaches. I mean, no less than 50. And 49 of them were for Rickie Fowler. And then the chuck with chuck was over here. Let's go JP. They had the local juco guy out there for Petey just like he was close. He's like, I've never been in Rancho Santa Fe. I'm not allowed. I might as well go out here and we'll pretend I'm watching somebody. Yeah, Philip Francis. I just looked it up. Dude, he won. Phillip Francis won this, yeah. I would do that. You didn't even go to college. Didn't he turn pro like right after you went to multiple schools. Oh, he did. Oh, it's one of those. No, he committed to Oklahoma state and then he decommitted went to UCLA. Remember, Ricky committed to UCLA and then decommitted it with the Oklahoma

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