US making COVID antiviral drug more available at test sites


The federal government is trying to make Pfizer's COVID antiviral treatment more accessible The White House announced steps to make the antiviral treatment packs low bid more readily available across the U.S. as it projects COVID-19 infections will continue to spread over the summer travel season The nation's first federally backed test to treat site is opening today in Rhode Island providing patients with immediate access to the drug once they test positive More sites are set to open in Massachusetts Minnesota and New York City The drug which has been found to reduce severe disease among 90% of patients is now available at almost 40,000 pharmacies White House coordinator doctor Ashish jha says getting a vaccine and booster shots is still the best way to protect against the virus confirmed infections in the U.S. have quadrupled since late March to more than a 105,000 a day That's a likely undercount because so many rapid tests go unreported but deaths have declined steadily to fewer than 300 per day just as this is the first time those two metrics have not trended together I'm Jennifer King

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