The Crazy Tale of Olivia Newton John's Missing Boyfriend


I think it was like in 2005. Summer of 2005, Olivia and John still looking amazing. Is dating a guy named Patrick McDermott and maybe this maybe you forgot this story, but it's really intriguing. She's dating this guy's a cameraman. He's coming back for an fishing expedition, supposed to dock the boat's supposed to DACA and San Pedro, which is a Long Beach area and after an overnight fishing trip off the coast of LA. And he never gets off the boat. Olivia and John panics tells everybody about it, a search begins on the boat they find his passport. I think his keys, they found some personal items of his, but he's nowhere to be found. The coast guard looks into it and they go, look, he probably fell overboard and he's lost at sea. They searched a little bit, but you know, it was nighttime. It's like, you're not gonna find the guy. And he's pronounced missing. And it was a shattering thing and Olivia Newton-John. You can't imagine a guy wanting to get away from her. Maybe she's a crazy bitch. I don't know, but after years of mourning, the guy who was married to this other woman first, she reaches out to a living Newton John, and they become friends. This whole ordeal has gotten them close because that woman lost somebody, too. And now her and Olivia and John are very tight. And this woman apparently think she's running a memoir. I think she's running a memoir should be coming out soon. That is if she didn't stop writing it, but she had a lot to say and then suddenly comes news from Mexico that this guy has been spotted with some hot blond German chick, so he left his passport behind somehow he got a he had some kind of way to get to Mexico, jump off the boat into a small boat. I don't know what he did. But word is he's been spotted in Mexico, central Mexico, and that's where he's living a very peaceful life with some hot chick that he met. I don't know, but he just decided to split from Olivia Newton-John and not give her the low down. Could you imagine a guy doing that to you ladies

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