AP correspondent Walter Ratliff has the Religion Roundup.


And this week's religion roundup an AP investigation and covers abuse reporting failures in the Mormon church a Christian flag flies over Boston and Iraq's Yazidi community commemorates a tragic decade on stage Three of 6 children who accused their father of sexual abuse are suing the Mormon church for not going to authorities and letting the abuse go on for 7 years It didn't stop The eldest daughter of Paul Douglas Adams says when she reported abuse on a phone helpline it was kept within the church It didn't go away They just let it keep happening AP investigative reporter Michael resendez says the Arizona case follows a pattern found in other states The Associated Press has received nearly 12,000 pages of sealed records from another child sex abuse case in West Virginia which show that the helpline stands at the center of an elaborate system to divert child sex abuse complaints away from law enforcement And instead send them to attorneys for the church who may cover up that abuse leaving children and victims in harm's way Attorneys for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints say church officials feel they were constrained by confidentiality rules To lay at the feet of these bishops the blame for that is absurd and it's wrong Arizona's child sex reporting law says anyone who reasonably believes a child has been abused or neglected has a legal obligation to report the information The Christian flag that became the focus of a free speech legal battle that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court has been raised outside Boston city hall The flag raising took place about three months after the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the city unjustly discriminated when it refused to fly the banner in 2017 Artists from the Yazidi community of Iraq commemorated their tragedy during a stage performance in Iraq's Kurdish region It has been 8 years since the lives of the Yazidis were torn apart by Islamic State militants The United Nations has called the attacks a genocide I'm Walter ratliff

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