Dinesh Unpacks the Arizona Primary Election Results


Now back to Arizona, where the Trump back candidate, this is Blake masters. Easily won, and so he now becomes the GOP candidate to face the incumbent democratic senator Mark Kelly. Very interestingly, Mark fincham, a big, a big proponent of 2000 mules, and somebody who is focused on the issue of election fraud. This is why the left calls them an election denier. Election denier. These days of you exposed fraudulent election denier. I think it's just a strategy somewhat similar to the mafia. I remember when you go after the mafia, I'd be like, this is prejudice against Italian Americans. You're implying that every Italian American is a crook and a criminal. No, we're not implying that. We're just going after the crooks and the criminals in the same year. This election denialism is supposed to be some kind of an epithet that's supposed to scare people. Well, to the degree that it means going after election fraud and protecting free elections, there's nothing wrong with being an election denialist. We're really fraud denialists if you want to put it that way. Anyway, Mark fincham wins the Republican Secretary of State nomination. And now we turn to the governor's race and here's Meghan McCain. This is an early on yesterday. She goes, wow. Lake is getting crushed so far. Incredible. Everybody, everybody, better turn to prime time. If this lunatic loses, she's gonna go absolute insane on live TV, like one for the books, make Trump look normal insane. So you can see, you know, Meghan McCain is starting to glow. She's like, we got the McCain family. We put all this money in, you know, the candidate running against Lake is married to a multi millionaire if not a billionaire, so the outspend carry Lake. Incomes, Mike Pence. So a lot of it was at stake here because in some ways the Republican establishment is also, I don't know if grooming is the right word, but there's sort of grooming Pence. And in order to groom pants, you gotta show that the Pence endorsement can carry a rival to carry Lake all the way to the nomination. And so not only that, but the former governor Doug ducey also strong endorsement of Karen Taylor Robson and it was looking sort of tricky for Carrie Lake for a while they carry like was behind most of the day yesterday, I guess partly because they had counted the mail in ballots first, but then when the day votes came in from yesterday itself, Carrie Lake surpasses Karen Taylor Robson. I don't think she's been officially declared the winner, but to me, this is important on two counts first. It's because it shows the maga takeover of the GOP. Carrie Lake represents the maga wing of the party, not to say the Republican establishment has no strength. They were able to make this much closer than many people thought. But second, Kerry Lake is focused on the election integrity issue. She's been all over 2000 mules. In fact, one of the most vocal and eloquent defenders of 2000 mules, even in hostile TV environments. And so it's fantastic to see her get across the finish line. I think she'll be a formidable candidate going into November.

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