Robby Mook: Clinton Agreed to Feed Trump-Russia Material to Reporter


People are saying oh my the lawyers were shocked During testimony today by the campaign chairman for the Hillary Clinton decide this campaign Robbie mook and my okay As reported by the Washington examiner Hillary Clinton personally signed off on sharing since debunked Trump Russia allegations related to alpha bank With the media during the 2016 election according to our campaign manager Robbie moved testified today he was briefed about the alpha issue first by Clinton campaign general council Mark Elias There's another reprobate In this summary 2016 you said the campaign leadership quickly had a meeting about whether the share the information with the media which they decided to do Now they had to know the information was false Do you know how They concocted it They're also present in the meeting where campaign chairman John Podesta A longtime scud Communications director Jennifer palmieri policy adviser Jake Sullivan who is now President Biden's national security adviser according to mook So they all get together and they're trying to figure out how to put this false information out In October as an October surprise to ruin the Trump campaign

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