Beware the GREATEST Tyranny of All


Understand what is the most effective and the most urgent fight for liberty and fight against tyranny for our generation. For this moment, where are the tyrants putting all the eggs in what basket? How are they trying to control us? Now they've tried a lot of different things. This did not come easily to them. This not come lightly. You see they've tried to take away firearms and guns. It really doesn't work very well. They try to control us through thought control and censorship. They're going to continue to try to do that. And that's still ongoing, but that's a little messier because you get people like Joe Rogan and Bill Maher, the pushback against it, and people create new platforms like rumble and get her and truth social and it becomes harder and harder to control people that way. They tried it through economic control and they're going to continue to try to do it through economic control by destroying and deteriorating our currency by trying to have people not own anything and then be happy, which is one of the promises of the great reset. But even that, the economic control, it comes up against challenges in opposition, crypto based currencies, entrepreneurs, people that still own property. It's difficult, but it's not impossible, but economics is part of it, but the one fight. Against tyranny, the one flavor of tyranny, if you will. That has been the most effective. And is the most important to repeat, focus on understand that the fight for our generation will be the fight against biomedical fascism and it will occur in healthcare and medical privacy or the lack thereof.

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