Rep. Jim Jordan: Jan. 6 Panel Has Told at Least Eight Lies, Maybe More


Saw you on newsmax the other night. And you were weighing in on the J 6 panel and you said they've been caught in 8 different lives. What are those lies? Well, they lied about Bernie Carrick's travels. They lied about very loud on the colleague of mine. They lied about the tour he gave to constituents. They lied about Jenna Ellis documents. They lied about Eric hershman, White House lawyer, the light about the note written Cathy Hudgens that she wrote it and there was a person said, no, no, I actually wrote that note. They lied about the Secret Service. We've had Secret Service come forward and say that what she testified to was not accurate. And they lied about me twice, they lied about a text message I had forwarded to The White House chief of staff. They said it was from me, a member of Congress when it wasn't. I had forwarded to him from a respected lawyer former inspector general for Don rumsfeld. And then they also took a video quickly where I was on Fox News talking and I was on Maria bartiromo show and the video clip started off with me saying January 6th is the ultimate data significance in a presidential contest. What they left off was the sentence right before that where I said the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that January 6th is the ultimate date of significance in a presidential context because that's when you actually approve the electors. And that changes the entire context of that statement. So we saw that and then, of course, maybe the most important was when Zoe lofgren I remember the committee said, we don't corroborate witnesses testimony. And they didn't ask pat cipollone when he was deposed if what Cassie Hutchinson said about him was true. And his lawyer reported afterwards that if he had been asked to say it wasn't. So that's 8 different false things we've gotten from this committee. And Todd, we don't get to see the evidence. We don't get to sitting on the depositions. We don't get access to the transcripts of the video, the documents they have. We don't get any chance across examine. And so imagine how many other lives they've told the American people if we've caught him in 8 with that limited amount of ebb and we get to see.

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