Greg Gutfeld and Charlie Discuss the Hilarious Babylon Bee


For the day. And again, this is why the Babylon bee is so unbelievably brilliant. Because. You can not decipher between the Babylon bee headline and what's happening in The New York Times, I'm just waiting for the fema press release. Hurricane incoming, no need to be urgent. Yes. You're a KKK member. Yes, no rush, no rush. You may die, but you know, you'll be an antiracist. Yes, exactly. I hate the Babylon bee for reasons that they might be funnier than me. And that is a problem. But you know what's interesting going back to the left, what's happening to the left. As the Babylon B gets funny or in funnier, what's less funny, the onion. The onion actually did, they actually now kind of do serious stuff, and I'm like, what happened? And it's like, you know, some things just you just can't joke about. Even the onion, like the roe V wade thing, and we can't even joke about that. You know, and so then they just trash somebody, whatever. Meanwhile, the Babylon bee is, has flipped the script. You know, now the onion is dean wormer, their animal House, and they're really sweet, smart people. I mean, who would have thought that a Christian website is funnier than all the cool atheists?

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