Jan. 6 panel subpoenas Secret Service for erased texts


The House committee investigating the U.S. capitol attack has subpoenaed the Secret Service for text messages agents reportedly deleted I'm Ben Thomas with the latest The Department of Homeland Security inspector general sent a letter to members of Congress stating that Secret Service agents erased messages exchanged around the time of the riot between January 5th and January 6th 2021 The deletion was described as part of a device replacement program became after the watchdog office requested records from the agents as part of its probe House January 6th committee chairman Benny Thompson says the panel is seeking the relevant text messages as well as any after action reports that have been issued in any and all divisions of the U.S. Secret Service pertaining to or relating in any way to the events of January 6th 2021 The committee originally sought the electronic records in mid January and made an official request in March for all communications received or sent from DHS employees between January 5th in January 7th 2021 Ben Thomas Washington

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