Clinton Said “A Recession Is Two Quarters in a Row of Negative Growth'


Want to play a clip from Bill Clinton to beloved Democrat who was, maybe not say that. I'm supposed to be a Christian. Who was doing stuff he wasn't supposed to be doing in the Oval Office that involved him and another young lady that wasn't his wife. But let me play the clip of him saying out of his own mouth. This is the thing with these Democrats. They are so double sided and they're so hypocritical. They say one thing one election season and then they say something completely different. They're just complete lives. Why do anybody vote for them? Here's Bill Clinton saying that a recession is two quarters of negative GDP, wrote a clip. Well, an assessment is two quarters in a row of negative growth. I don't think we're going to have that. But we couldn't keep up 5% of the year. You know, forever. So I think 49 of the 50 blue chip forecast essentially relatively 2.5% of better next year. I didn't have sex with that woman. I don't know why anybody listening to that dude said he did not have sex relations with that girl and he got caught. And he ended up into it. However, are we do we have two quarters of negative GDP negative economic growth? The answer is yes. So why are Democrats comfortable saying that then, but then now they want to change the entire definition? Can you believe this is not a conspiracy?

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