How Bad Can Biden's Economy Get? Stephen Moore Explains


Stephen, let me just continue on that note. Are you seeing because as a famous economist once said to me, economics is the science of demonstrating that water runs downhill. It's not, you know, it's not voodoo. It's not a dark art. It's common sense, right? It's just common sense. Is there anybody you're hearing on the other side of the aisle to think tank or in the quote unquote political elite who's saying, yeah, this is nuts. We can't print more money, send money to the Ukraine, the punish the wealth generators in America because I don't see it. Are you seeing it? No, you don't well, you don't see it among any of the Democrats in Congress who are just very dutifully voting for every Obama initiative. You know, we have a race I met with JD Vance this morning. You know, he's running against Tim Ryan from Ohio. This is an example of what you're talking about. And Tim Ryan is going around the state of Iowa saying, I'm a moderate Democrat. I'm a middle pro worker, a Democrat. And JD said, well, that's interesting because you voted a 100% with Joe Biden. How are you a moderate Democrat? All these guys, they voted in a 100% with Biden on everything. So there's no voices of sanity and Congress except for Joe Manchin who saved our country. Thank you, Joe Manchin. You really did say, by the way, I'm sorry to go up on a tangent here. Go ahead, go ahead. Yep, Bezos said, hey, the guy who really saved you was Joe Manchin. You know, you wanted to spend another $5 trillion because Biden's running around the country now saying he reduced the deficit. Can you believe this? You can't make this stuff up. He's about three $4 trillion they say. Fiscal conservative. And then, of course, here's the bigger problem, though, and I shouldn't be laughing because this is a very serious matter. There's nobody in The White House. There's no sane voice in The White House who was saying, hey, you know, you can't do this. You have to, there's no adult in the room. There's nobody who knows anything about business.

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