We Celebrate the Men & Women Who Believed in 1776 on Memorial Day


We really have two worlds here With men and women who are raised to love this nation And they love it Red blooded Americans of all colors all stripes all love the nation They know there's no better And they know if we lose this one there's not another one Which is why these elections in these political battles are so consequential Because we have a party in this country that doesn't believe in the country's founding that doesn't believe in the principles Of the nation this is a really dangerous situation So Memorial Day what do we celebrate We celebrate the men and women who died Who believed in the Declaration of Independence who believed in the constitution who believed in 1776 Who believed that the Civil War was fought to unite the nation and to defeat slavery Who believed in a secure sovereign America Who believed in a free people doing free things not this stuff that's being indoctrinated into your children not the stuff that's being spewed on television By reprobates miscreants and malcontents In shame on the corporatists they give a platform for the haters

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