Dinesh on the Controversy Around Ricky Gervais’ New Comedy Special


Well, Ricky Gervais is back. This time with his new Netflix special, it's called super nature. That means I'm going to watch tonight. We saw a little clip on social media, really great stuff, taking on identity politics, taking on the trends issue. And look, you know, interesting thing about Ricky Gervais, and I think probably the same thing could be said of Dave Chappelle. Here are a few quotes from Gervais. He goes, he goes, I'm going to leave it into annoy people. He goes, in other words, comedy is not about respecting taboos. He goes, I talk about aids, famine, canceled the Holocaust rape pedophilia, but know the one thing you mustn't joke about his identity politics. He goes, the one thing you should never joke about is the trans issue. They just want to be treated equally. He goes, I agree. That's why I include them. What a profound statement. You want to be treated equally. Well, that includes the right to be lambasted along with the rest of us. So Ricky Gervais is not willing to make some kind of immunity. And Netflix now I think is beginning to realize that look, you know, it's one thing to start Netflix has a woke staff. And when Chappelle did his special called the closer, the Netflix left us all said, what we're going to do a walkout and they were trying to bring the company to its knees. But it seems like Netflix even though run by a leftist big Obama worshipper. They kind of Netflix regrouped. And I think they realized, wait a minute, you know, we, we got rid of Luis. CK, we got rid of Bill Burr. We got rid of Dave Chappelle. We got rid of Ricky Gervais. Well, who's left? What happens to comedy when comedy becomes nothing more than something that is captive to the prejudices of this woke

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