Phelim McAleer Has a Harrowing Story About 'Infiltration'


Folks, welcome back, talking to falam mcaleer, is an Irish name. We don't have a lot of fails in America. So I just want to be clear to my audience. It's not your audio. He's Irish. The film. It wouldn't be a segment about the it wouldn't be a segment of murdered me without making fun of my accent. Now listen, this is cultural. I know. It's appropriation. My son hunter is the film that you and Ann have been making. It is a true story. It doesn't make it. It doesn't make it any less bizarre, crazy, entertaining. But it's true. And it's horrific. And it starring Lawrence Fox. Now, Lauren's Fox of the famous fox family of actors in England, big deal. He ran for the mayor of London, Gina Carano, another famous actress canceled just as Laurence Fox was canceled. So you're hiring these canceled talents. And you're making a film. And again, this was in November of last year, and it just came out that the man who came to interview you misrepresented himself on the set in Serbia turns out we now know this was one of the very well paid lawyers for Hunter Biden. Exactly. Exactly. He completely, I'm just looking at what CBS News reported. CBS also reported that according to Hunter Biden's criminal eternity, Christopher Clarke, Kevin Morris is serving as an attorney and trusted adviser to Hunter Biden. That information was kept from us. When we allowed him to roam our House. And why? Because obviously, if you knew that this guy is working for Hunter Biden, you certainly would have not granted him access to this. Well, by the way, I might have, you know? But I don't know. I'm probably not. Probably not, actually. But what you know he's there to do you and the project harm. There's no question about it. I have nothing to hide, right? But he's going to go in and he's gone in there to try and get me saying something inappropriate or to get someone on the set saying something inappropriate or to have to have somebody using bad language or temperate comments. And I was like, it's a bit

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