How the Heck Did Chris Stigall Lose 90 Pounds?


Let's reach out to the man that keeps Philadelphia seen every single morning. A.m. 9 90s, the answer we call him crystal, but I'm not sure he is because I see this svelte individual is fit individual. He doesn't have the COVID extra 30 pounds. Is that really Chris? Brother, it is. It's me 90 less these days. I've got it. I'm trying to show off. I'm trying to strutting around the world. I went to a awards ceremony last night and people said, you look good. Yeah, 26 pounds. That's how good I look. And then you say yes. A small man on you like I was. I mean, I was a husky fella, you know that. You had, you know, you got what, a couple of pounds to lose. And you look great. I was, I was getting into that sort of, I don't know. You could have had a guy wires attached to me and entered me in as afloat in the Macy's day parade. I was getting that size. All right, before we talk about disgusting things like politics, let's share our happiness at what we've both done. I'm the amateur, you're the pro. I did this with amazing woman doctor Ashley Lucas at PhD weight loss and nutrition. My wife and I, 5 weeks, 26 pounds for me, 18 for her with super happy guys if you're interested, I'll give you the details later. How the hell did you lose 90 pounds, dude? I mean, I could plug him if you want me to. Yes, he's also a waiter. That's true. All right. His next doctor Rick tagg, TA GUE, doctor Rick tag at a place called the center for nutrition. And my old stomping grounds and my kind of original hometown of the Kansas City metro area. Doctor tig is spectacular. He put me on a weight loss program and I dropped 90 pounds from January to October of last

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